Nitro Pro 13: Customize Tab

This new feature enables users to add a collection of tools to a customizable ribbon tab in Nitro Pro. Especially helpful for users who complete the same processes every day, the Customize Tab gives users a place to group tools together based on their workflow needs. Users can also rename the tab to reflect their use case; for example, “Legal Review Tools” or “Purchase Orders”.

Nitro Pro 13: Home Screen

To help users kickstart their workflows, the new Home screen in Nitro Pro appears on opening to provide quick access to helpful tools and resources:
Create PDF so users can quickly open any supported document type as a PDF in Nitro Pro | Create and Combine so users can combine multiple documents of any supported file type into one PDF | How-to Guides that help familiarize users with Nitro Pro’s top five workflows | Recent Document so users have quick access to the files they’ve recently worked with | Pinned Documents so users can reference important or frequently used documents with one click | Find Documents so users can quickly search through Recent and Pinned documents